søndag 29. august 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt along

This is the final top from the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along. You have seen some of the blocks on my blogg before but now it has been binded together and gotten a border. The quilting is next on the list. This project has been extremely fun. I bought a jelly roll on sale some time ago (I liked the purple colors) - but I did know what to make of it. This free project from Moose on the Porch fitted me therefore perfectly.
The quilt is a bit more "lively" than what I usually make and like but I think it came well together anyway. The fabrics are from Modas Natural Garden and hence the name is:
"July Jelly Flowers in my Garden"
If you follow the flikr link on the right panel you can see more quilt tops from the same pattern. They are really different, and that is soooo funny to see !

fredag 27. august 2010

Thank you PEG !!!!

I have just received the most amazing present. Nice Peg at Happy in Quilting ... had written 1000 posts and had a give away. 1000 post is truly a lot, and of cause I wanted to leave a comment. Surprizingly I was the lucky winner, and the message came on a day that was not my best. This was a brightening message.

I received this beatifull bag with a fantastic stitchery. It is so nicely stitched, the colours are wonderful and coordinated and the motive is just cosy and relaxing. What a nice present - far to good to be true. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, PEG !!!!

For now I have simply hung it in my living room, later I think I will use it when I visit my quilting guild and quilting friends.
How lucky am I ????

søndag 22. august 2010

Ikke akkurat søm ....

Siste helg fikk vi plukket en del rips og solbær på hytta. De kom i tillegg til de vi hadde plukket hjemme og som allerede har blitt til 8 glass syltetøy - uhmmm.
Disse nye bær skal derfor lide en annen skjebne.

De har kommet på et stort norgesglass sammen med sprit og 3 tsk sukker. Der skal de stå i 4 - 6 uker før de skal siktes.

Når bare den klare røde veske er tilbake skal den stå frem til jul. Dernest skal den nytes med tanker på sommersol og hyttetur :O)

søndag 8. august 2010

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along

I have had soooo much fun in the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt Along hosted by Moose on the Porch Quilts. The first four was done as the blocks was posted every second week. I eagerly followed the posts every other Monday, but work and vacation came in the way for doing them. On Thursday night I did one again, then 3 on Friday, two on Saturday morning and two again today. Now all are ready and sashing and border are being prepared.
This was a really fun project - lots of thanks to Konda.

fredag 6. august 2010

Syv små dverge ....

Jeg har ikke sydd de syv små dverge, men til gjengeld er heksen og snehvit ferdig stitchet. Men i eventyr er jo syv et meget brukt tall, og jeg kan derfor rapportere at syv av de tretten stitcherier er i mål. Dette går sent, men er koselig arbeid ;O)

søndag 1. august 2010

Colours ....

In my small quilting circle we have often talked about people having specific colours they usually use when they quilt. One is more blue and beige, one is using more red, one is often using pastels and one is always surprising....
If I have preferred colours - the ones I have used in this table runner must be them. I simple love these third grade colours that blends so well with the interior of our house and could easily be both autumn and spring.

As you might understand, I am very happy with this table runner sewn after an AnnAKa design. I have seen it on many bloggs in many variants, and I think it is so nice that I have already fabrics ready for two more. By the way - it is mashine applicated and quilted. Quite a lot of quilting. Anyway, this was the project I did not finish in July but it is ready now as the first project for August :O)

Kari, thanks for the inspiration to do this one !!!