søndag 23. oktober 2011

Mountain week-end

I have been to the mountains with three wonderfull women this week-end. We were talking, laughing, eating homemade food (for example with hand picked forest mushrooms) - and of cause the sewing machines were making background "music".
These retreats are filling up energy in the reserves and I am gratefull for my good friends :O)

And earlier this week: Due to some children birthdays we made some more book marks - so I can add 10 more booksmarks to my list of finishes this month.


Not a lot of finished projects, but as you can see above the projects I am working on right now are quite complex, so not easy to finish them....

torsdag 13. oktober 2011

Top and back ready ....

I have finally completed the top and the back for the new blanket for the extra bed standing in the sewing room. Tumblers done with Iced Mocha and cut with the accuquilt. Now it is ready for quilting and finally it is the plan to add a flower tirade across the quilt. I will decide about this when it has been quiltet.....

 And backing from the remaining bits - it was a little bit hard to choose to use the leftovers as backing, since they are so beatifull. However, looking hard at my shelves I decided that I have many other nice fabrics to try out !

Ready for next project :O)           


Now I will try to complete an UFO, as I have the sewing room rule: After one new follows one old - this way I will at least not add to the bunch of UFOs.....

onsdag 5. oktober 2011

Book marks

My son and his fried, both ten years old, are fond of reading. They read books where the old greek gods have breeded with humans, and lots of horrifying, however somewhat innomcent, stories comes from this. They are having vacation right now and some hours have been spend reading - and today they asked me if we could make some cool book marks. And who could say no? You need to support your childrens education, right?