tirsdag 30. august 2011

Choices - choices .....

The idea was a tablecloth and the top is finished - yeahhhh
As the project has been growing I have had lots of fun. I had to plan ahead as the blogs links to eachother - so planning next star and next star when your doing the first....

I also simply love the colours and the idea came that a tablecloth was not enough. I have now assembled the tablecloth and was happy - but still thinking it will look nice at the sparebed/couch in the sewing room....

I think it works nice as tablecloth...
But see how nice it would look on the bed!
I am still not sure ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

tirsdag 23. august 2011

New project !

I have been working on a new project with some wonderfull fabrics I bought at Lille Stasjon. They are from Whimsicals and they are called Winterberry Lane. I have used a few older fabrics from the same designer, and I just love the colours. The plan was to make a table cloth for my round table. This is half the project and the other half is ready to be sewn too. However, looking at the project - and the way it matches the curtains and my good chair, I am considering to further develop this into a blanket. Does that ever happen to you????

The pattern is from Miss Rosie. Hers is individual palms on different backgrounds so that you see the square blocks - but making all the "palms" interfere with each other also has it charm. I love doing projects that just grow and grow. Suddenly this will be a finish :O)
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tirsdag 16. august 2011

Vacation part 3 !!

During the trip we passed a few quiltshops. We couldn't stop in all of them, but a few had a scandinavian visitor that they will remember for a long time ! Bringing your family to a quiltshop with many interesting fabrics, stash and exibitions means STRESS! You want to cover as much as possible and at the same time you have somebody waiting. This first picture is from a nice store in Loveland, CO where I was allowed a full hour :O) And I harvested quite a nice portion that I will live well from during the autumn :O)

At the end of the vacation we met up with scandinavian friends. The two females was shopping - with a nice driver bringing us from one shop to the next. We covered three different shops in Denver during the day and probably purchased fabrics, stash and stuff to last AT LEAST until our next US visit ......
Here's a few snapshots.

And here's a picture of the harvest :O)

onsdag 10. august 2011

Vacation part 2 !

The second week of the vacation was planned at a dude ranch. The idea was to relax, have fun and ride!People who knows me are a bit surprised about the last part. For many years I have been scared of horses (they are soooo big) - but I do think one needs to keep devolping / challenging oneself. So, during the spring we have had riding lessons at a nearby riding school - and from not getting close at all I have actually enjoyed sitting on the school horse (although I am still scarred and filled with butterflies before getting on the horseback).

Our cabin at the ranch

After some internet research we found Cherokee Park Ranch in northern Colorado, and what a good choise. Everything was perfect! All details matched and here are a few flavours of the week:

More than one houndred horses - and they chose a really good match for each of the guests :O)
View from one of the trails from the horsebackriding. They took us to different spots on each ride. And one could choose own speed, walking, trotting or loping (slow or fast). And a wrangler rode with you and could tell about the trail, the people, funny stories or just keep quiert and enjoy the ride. Fabulous!

Spotted at the trails. 

Cowgirl Annelise on Muffin in the barrel race the last day of the stay.....

The final part of the vacation is coming up shortly :O)

søndag 7. august 2011


It has been vacation time. And we have had the most fantastic, phenominal, fabulous vacation. When we planned the vacation, the goal was to see Yellowstone national park. This has been a dream of mine for many years. We combined Yellowstone with a weeks ranch vacation. This idea came through some friends, although their choise of ranch is completely different (more in a future post).

Yellowstone was the first national park ever, and it is obvious why someone thought of preserving it for all future.
Hotsrping at west thumb

I will share a few pictures with you from our vacation, but it is not at all possible to show the beatifull landscapes, the atmosphere, the wonderfull weather, the impressions ...... I can highly recommed a trip there!

Bison just after entering!

Mammoth hot spring

Overnight in West Yellowstone

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

After Yellowstone we went out through the Grand Teton national park - which I think is less known but not less beatifull., At the Tetons we saw the biggest moose one can imagine. I think they were as big as elephants but my family claims I overestimate them a bit.....

Moose in the afternoon

Viwe from the Grand Teton national park

Part two and three contains snapshots from the ranch part of our vacation and from the quilting shopping day I had at the end of the vacation. Stay tunes :O)