tirsdag 23. august 2011

New project !

I have been working on a new project with some wonderfull fabrics I bought at Lille Stasjon. They are from Whimsicals and they are called Winterberry Lane. I have used a few older fabrics from the same designer, and I just love the colours. The plan was to make a table cloth for my round table. This is half the project and the other half is ready to be sewn too. However, looking at the project - and the way it matches the curtains and my good chair, I am considering to further develop this into a blanket. Does that ever happen to you????

The pattern is from Miss Rosie. Hers is individual palms on different backgrounds so that you see the square blocks - but making all the "palms" interfere with each other also has it charm. I love doing projects that just grow and grow. Suddenly this will be a finish :O)
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  1. Ahh guri så flott!! Et teppe ville gjort susen, men også flott som løper. Begge deler takk??


Velkommen :o)