tirsdag 20. september 2011

Apples !

I think I like apples more than any other fruit.... It also matches with my favorite time of year, autumn, where all the colours appear in nature and there are crispy clear weather but still some warmth in the sun.

I live in a community where a lot of farmers grow fruit and vegetables, and apples are a big part of it. One of the farms, Frukt and Juletrægården, is run by a nice quilter and her husband. Last year I went to her farm to by some apples and she sold me some really big juicy ones. They have a fantastic flavour and needs little suger when you mash them. One time a success and it easily becomes tradition. So this year I went again and bought 2 boxes which is 12 kg.
I peel them, slices them in squares and cook them with a little sugar and vanilla. After this I put them in jars or small plastic boxes and after cooling they go to the freezer.

We use it in stead of jam thoughout the winter - yummy !!!

The last four apples went into an apple cake. The recipe is my neightbours mothers secret recipe - and it is simply delicius. Bon appetite!

lørdag 17. september 2011

Troubles ...

A long time ago I bought some beatifull fabrics called Iced Mocha - I simply adore them and have petted them many times (you must be a quilter to understand!)
From the first moment I thought I would a quilt of thumblers with the fabrics.
I have borrowed an Accuquilt from Lierquilten, and finally I got around to by the template this summer. But as easy as it seams, still troubles - how should I arrange the thumblers?
Here are a few suggestions, but they are not working to really show the fabrics.....

Now I have chosen a third model, and hopefully I will have finished the topp sometime during this week-end --- and yes I will soon display it :O)

søndag 4. september 2011

A trip with my sister ....

My sister has surprised everybody ! A few years ago she spend all her time with good friends - just talking. But then she started doing the jewelry especially bracelets - I think she made several thousands of them......
At my last visit in Copenhagen she had redecorated her living room. In one corner there was a new bookshelf and it contained FABRIC!!!!!
She has started quilting :O) Soon I will show you some of her work, and I am still having an open mounth because of this surprise! Best of all, she has made the most lovely blanket for me - in colours I simply adore.

Anyway, just recently she stayed with us for a week and it was not difficult to agree about a tour to Tønsberg to introduce her to Quiltefryd and Hobby Lise.
We did buy a little :o) fabric and stash - and then we found out that I couldn't live one more moment without this nice shelve. I saw it at Quiltefryd and asked where they bought it - and it was just around the corner. After a nice lunch at the harbour the car returned with two satisfied sisters :O)