onsdag 13. juli 2011

Another finish ....

July might be a good month for finishes. Yesterday it was the sunhat and today it is a tablecloth !
The top was made together with nice friends during a week-end at a cabin in the mountains. It consists of lots of small pieces sewn together and recut in diamonds. It is a quite funny pattern, and I think I will do more, but then from leftovers, which would fit this pattern perfectly.
The tablecloth is for my little cornertable in the livingroom. Until recently I have had a christmas tablecloth there (although not to christmas like) so it is about time to get another cloth that fits the table :O)
 I have quiltet it with woll thread and less than one inch squares. I think that fits well with the many stripes in the pattern and I like a closely quilting when it is something to use on a table. Now it is being washed before actually start using it :O)
 And then just a flavour of the desk in my living room. Although I am not really a pale red/pink person I think these peons are fantastic.
Now I need to hit the sewing room - this time not for quilting but for repairing a pair of "work trousers" - not the best fun I know, but fortunately it is quite seldom ....
NB! Yet another finish just around the corner!

tirsdag 12. juli 2011

A finish !

I did it. I actually finished a sun hat in 1920 style. It is nice egypcian cotton and it will help shadow the hot sun - if and when it comes ...
Another finish is just around the corner, I hope to blogg it tomorrow :o)

søndag 3. juli 2011

Pure joy !

on the way to our cabin we pass a new knitting shop. so far I am the lucky owner of yarn for a jacket, socks and a new hat. the latter might actually materialize soon, as that is what I have been working on during our short stay here :o)