torsdag 29. mars 2012

Kaffekos - a new finish !

Still trying to finalize something every month. This month reveals a finish that was stated sometime during last year - so a faily alright time for a blanket with over 900 pieces......
I have called it "Kaffekos" (coffee good time) - inspired from the fabric line which is from Buggy Barn and called Iced mocha!
 I almost like the backing more than the front - leftovers came to a nice use. I still have some fabric left, and I truly like the clean colors in this line.

 No quilt without a label, right? Well at least this one got a stitched name, date and text. I added the borders from the fabric to make a small "ornament" of the label.

I wish you a fantastic easter with lots of stitches :O)

tirsdag 27. mars 2012

Gail Pan & Hug'n kisses!

I am back home after two wonderfull days with Helen Stubbings and Gail Pan. They have both been touring Europe and now arrived in Tønsberg, where Quiltefryd had arranged an inspiring evening on Monday and courses on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

I went to the inspiration evening with my sewing family :O)  We saw lots of their fantastic quilts and heard stories to go with the quilts.
On the course today we had patterns from both Gail and Helen. We started sewing a small stitched kit for sewing stash - with Helens fantastic stitching motives on it. I am really inspired and learned some tips and tricks and a new stitch! I so look forward to finishing this project and it will come right into use !
We then continued with this lovely pattern from Gail, which is needleturn applique. I love the flower design on it. Mine comes in different colours and I will definely continue although I was called a was called a troublemaker since I chose different than a lot of the other participants (proud to be different, though) :o)

Both ladies are wonderful - attend their inspirational classes if you have the opportunity !

torsdag 22. mars 2012

Litt nytt

Jeg syr på lukkekant - så snart kommer det endelig noe nytt på bloggen min :O)