torsdag 29. mars 2012

Kaffekos - a new finish !

Still trying to finalize something every month. This month reveals a finish that was stated sometime during last year - so a faily alright time for a blanket with over 900 pieces......
I have called it "Kaffekos" (coffee good time) - inspired from the fabric line which is from Buggy Barn and called Iced mocha!
 I almost like the backing more than the front - leftovers came to a nice use. I still have some fabric left, and I truly like the clean colors in this line.

 No quilt without a label, right? Well at least this one got a stitched name, date and text. I added the borders from the fabric to make a small "ornament" of the label.

I wish you a fantastic easter with lots of stitches :O)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Så flott, og litt av en jobb med så mange biter å sy sammen! Som jeg har sagt før liker jeg dine fargevalg så godt. Du er flink!

  2. For en nydelig quilt!! Favorittfargene mine jo! ,o) Ei riktig god påske til deg også.


Velkommen :o)