lørdag 17. september 2011

Troubles ...

A long time ago I bought some beatifull fabrics called Iced Mocha - I simply adore them and have petted them many times (you must be a quilter to understand!)
From the first moment I thought I would a quilt of thumblers with the fabrics.
I have borrowed an Accuquilt from Lierquilten, and finally I got around to by the template this summer. But as easy as it seams, still troubles - how should I arrange the thumblers?
Here are a few suggestions, but they are not working to really show the fabrics.....

Now I have chosen a third model, and hopefully I will have finished the topp sometime during this week-end --- and yes I will soon display it :O)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Love the second one

  2. Good luck with the tumblers. The fabric is so beautiful.
    I use my tumblers as "leaders-enders" when I sew. It is amazing how many get sewn together.
    I am just doing them randomly - just easier for me. My only advice is to iron them when all the rows are finished, so that you can have seams going in opposite directions - much easier to press the row seams after.

  3. this would be a good pattern for my scraps. I brought along a whole bag of scraps to cut up on our trip and I have not touched it! This is a good one would look so good scrappy.


Velkommen :o)