søndag 4. september 2011

A trip with my sister ....

My sister has surprised everybody ! A few years ago she spend all her time with good friends - just talking. But then she started doing the jewelry especially bracelets - I think she made several thousands of them......
At my last visit in Copenhagen she had redecorated her living room. In one corner there was a new bookshelf and it contained FABRIC!!!!!
She has started quilting :O) Soon I will show you some of her work, and I am still having an open mounth because of this surprise! Best of all, she has made the most lovely blanket for me - in colours I simply adore.

Anyway, just recently she stayed with us for a week and it was not difficult to agree about a tour to Tønsberg to introduce her to Quiltefryd and Hobby Lise.
We did buy a little :o) fabric and stash - and then we found out that I couldn't live one more moment without this nice shelve. I saw it at Quiltefryd and asked where they bought it - and it was just around the corner. After a nice lunch at the harbour the car returned with two satisfied sisters :O)

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  1. nice to have your sister quilting too - the shopping trips will be more fun.

  2. Så koselig. Jeg har også en quiltesøster (det var hun som introduserte meg for hobbyen) og innemellom får vi tid til søster-sy-helger. Det anbefales :-)


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