onsdag 10. august 2011

Vacation part 2 !

The second week of the vacation was planned at a dude ranch. The idea was to relax, have fun and ride!People who knows me are a bit surprised about the last part. For many years I have been scared of horses (they are soooo big) - but I do think one needs to keep devolping / challenging oneself. So, during the spring we have had riding lessons at a nearby riding school - and from not getting close at all I have actually enjoyed sitting on the school horse (although I am still scarred and filled with butterflies before getting on the horseback).

Our cabin at the ranch

After some internet research we found Cherokee Park Ranch in northern Colorado, and what a good choise. Everything was perfect! All details matched and here are a few flavours of the week:

More than one houndred horses - and they chose a really good match for each of the guests :O)
View from one of the trails from the horsebackriding. They took us to different spots on each ride. And one could choose own speed, walking, trotting or loping (slow or fast). And a wrangler rode with you and could tell about the trail, the people, funny stories or just keep quiert and enjoy the ride. Fabulous!

Spotted at the trails. 

Cowgirl Annelise on Muffin in the barrel race the last day of the stay.....

The final part of the vacation is coming up shortly :O)

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  1. I have never stayed at a dude ranch - that sounds like fun. I would like to but my husband wouldn't enjoy that. I will have to do it sometime without him :) I'm so glad that you enjoyed your stay in the US in the Rocky Mountains.

  2. Hei og takk for hyggelig hilsen på min blogg. Kjempe kjekt at du vil være med på give away´en min. :) Jeg legger meg til som følger hos deg også for her var det mye fint å se. Så spennende ferie du har hatt!! Jeg elsker USA ferier. De er best, hihi. :)


Velkommen :o)