torsdag 1. juli 2010

A finish !

It is finally done. This is a "copy from the head" of a pillowcase I saw at Katrines quiltestue a long time ago. I bought the fabrics and I have been touching them gently from time to time. A week ago I cut the squares and sewing was done quite easily. Adding all the nice laces was a bigger job.
Anyway I am happy with the result - next one is going to be in rose colours for a good friend.... Need that one to be ready in September for a birthday.

This should have been finished last month, but I missed the buttons so sewing them in the pillow case was left for this evening. Now it is done, and hence the first OPAM for July.

NB! My quilt was chosen for the string quilt parade.Pop over to Loft creations and have a look !

4 kommentarer:

  1. DET ER EN Vild sød pude du Advocate lavet , sød super MED de bånd du Advocate in .

  2. Flott pute!
    Banda gjorde susen :-)

  3. It is beautiful, such gentle colours!

  4. Kjempe flott, den ble lekker :0)


Velkommen :o)