søndag 19. september 2010

Autumn ....

It was a lovely autumn week-end and despite other priorities on Friday we got a short break by going to the cabin from Saturday to Sunday. We rearrenged the furniture in the living room and I am happy with the results. The cabin got very cosy :O)
THe weather was nice and today it was possible to sit in the sun with just a t-shirt and a good book.
When we arrived we were welcomed by several families of musroms and other fungus. They are very pretty. Gives inspiration :o)

Not a lot of sewing and next week I am travelling all week. I look forward to next weekend and the week after there will be a small break with three days off. I look forward to that as I am building up a big urge for sewing (lots of plans) !!!!

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  1. Ja, det har jammen vært en deilig høstdag i dag :-) Gleder meg til å se hva du planlegger å sy!


Velkommen :o)