søndag 29. mai 2011

A finish and a new hairstyle :O)

I was at the guilds place during Lierdagene this week-end. It was quite fun and quite lifely with both many participants and many guests. Although I brough my camera I didn't take any pictures, but if you pop over to Hanne there is a couple of them.  
Although there were numerous of nice purses there was a guest who looked for a red one with black hearts at a particular size. We didn't have one of those! So I went back home and made one for her. I am going to send it tomorrow morning.
So that was this months finish, otherwise I am afraid I wouldn't have had one, as I am just sewing bigger projects right now.

 This is Coco - believe it or not. He had so much hair and as we live close to the forest he was bringing stuff with him back from each trip. SOOOO, as a consequence we cut him. I do not think theres a lot of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels looking like him - but it was like he said; thank you! for taking away the burden of all the hair on the ears. They are a less than a quarter the size they were before.
And below you see the removed parts :O)

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  1. Herlig mappe.
    Det må være deilig med litt mindre pels.
    Ønsker deg en fin "lang" helg. Klem fra meg :0)


Velkommen :o)