søndag 7. november 2010

Ladies of the heart

On wednesday I had three wonderfull ladies over. They are fun, sweet, creative, lovely, lively and a lot more. I think we had a most wonderfull evening, talking, sewing and inspiring each other.
Two of them were here for sewing for the first time, and brought me a nice present!

Purple is one of my favorite colours and of couse I was inspiret by this little sweet tinbox with goodies inside! The box was from Lille Stasjon where they have a lot of wonderfull lace right now.

And look at this wonderfull stars of light. It fits perfectly in the window in the diningroom and reminds us of the season we are about to enter.

Now I feel really lucky to have such nice friends. We will meet again in a short while and challenge our abilities to start on a new project - this time a BIG one :O)
PS. That might not really be a difficult challenge, huh?

The purple laces gave inspiration. On Thursday night I thought out which fabrics to use, all from my statch, and cut the squares. On Friday evening my family was only hearing the happy sounds from the sewing room as the table runner was coming together. And yesterday the binding came on.
So now I am ready to face late November and early December - for the first time with purple as the colour.

PS This is also a finish for November - although it was supposed to be something else I had finished  !!!

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