mandag 25. oktober 2010

A couple of finishes and new inspiration

I have been sewing a bit - mostly it is quilting on my Jelly Roll quilt, but I also managed to finalize two small projects.
One is the cupholder from Lierquilten - which I am going to use for the next meeting :O)

The other is a small sticheri which finally had the two cats attatched and I got to phrame it. I think they are very cute. I like cats although I am a big dog lover !!

I came over a new project, which has been ongoing for some time. Take a look at Thread Heads free project. I will try to use some of my repreduction fabrics for this one :O)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your little cup holder is very cute and so is your stitchery, well done on your finishes..

  2. Sikke fine Små Ting du has fået syet, Dejligt with a udgør to synd Kop when mand must UD and sy.
    Den ser Flot UD the sampler du should in bande med.


Velkommen :o)